Club Event Resources

Innovative ideas shared by Clubs 



NETWORKING EVENTS: Recruit by hosting leaders at special roundtables

JOINT EVENTS:  Vancouver/Victoria inviting mayor, CEO tourism Victoria, CEO Hotel, BC Ferries and Intl airport!!! Quebec/ Montreal joint event

LEADERSHIP EVENTS: Calgary topical roundtable tell their story: facilitate dialogue Have meetings with industry leaders retail, airlines.

VENU/ SOCIAL EVENTS:  Montreal Key prospects who are connected – unique event cooking school, VIP guests Grand Prix guests to incentivize attendance. Host events as new, interesting locations (also recruitment tool)

EDUCATION EVENTS: Successful owner/operators do presentations – have presentations (share knowledge, success) showcase industry leaders

PARTNERSHIP EVENTS: Provide member keynote speakers representing Skål at regional Tourism events

THEME EVENTS: Fun creative events, mystery dinner, progressive dinner theme attire, golf, game show/quiz night, fun stories


SPORTS TOURISM/ ATTRACTION EVENTS: behind the scenes tours, keynote speakers, group tickets




Barrel Of Wine RaffleEveryone brings a bottle of wine and raffle tickets were sold for $5 to $10 to win all the wine. (We found inexpensive plastic ½ barrels at Home Depot garden products)

Heads or Tails;   Everyone pays $2-5 per person at their table, everyone stands, people pick heads or tails by placing their hands on their heads or behind their backs, the leader flips a coin—losers sit, process of elimination, last 2 or 3 people still standing move to the front and flipping continues until a winner is determined and they get the prize, a nice bottle of wine, donated gift certificate or % of the cash etc.

Sargent At Arms:  Fun fines for any reason, no name tag, arriving late, overheard ‘bragging’, not shaking ‘Silver Hand’, etc.