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Club Event Resources

Innovative ideas shared by Clubs 




NETWORKING EVENTS: Recruit by hosting leaders at special roundtables


JOINT EVENTS:  Vancouver/Victoria inviting mayor, CEO tourism Victoria, CEO Hotel, BC Ferries and Intl airport!!! Quebec/ Montreal joint event


LEADERSHIP EVENTS: Calgary topical roundtable tell their story: facilitate dialogue Have meetings with industry leaders retail, airlines.


VENU/ SOCIAL EVENTS:  Montreal Key prospects who are connected – unique event cooking school, VIP guests Grand Prix guests to incentivize attendance. Host events as new, interesting locations (also recruitment tool)


EDUCATION EVENTS: Successful owner/operators do presentations – have presentations (share knowledge, success) showcase industry leaders


PARTNERSHIP EVENTS: Provide member keynote speakers representing Skål at regional Tourism events


THEME EVENTS: Fun creative events, mystery dinner, progressive dinner theme attire, golf, game show/quiz night, fun stories


SPORTS TOURISM/ ATTRACTION EVENTS: behind the scenes tours, keynote speakers, group tickets


Barrel Of Wine Raffle: Everyone brings a bottle of wine and raffle tickets were sold for $5 to $10 to win all the wine. (We found inexpensive plastic ½ barrels at Home Depot garden products)


Heads or Tails;   Everyone pays $2-5 per person at their table, everyone stands, people pick heads or tails by placing their hands on their heads or behind their backs, the leader flips a coin—losers sit, process of elimination, last 2 or 3 people still standing move to the front and flipping continues until a winner is determined and they get the prize, a nice bottle of wine, donated gift certificate or % of the cash etc.


Sargent At Arms:  Fun fines for any reason, no name tag, arriving late, overheard ‘bragging’, not shaking ‘Silver Hand’, etc.


Chase the Ace:  Each month the club sells ballots and draws a name.  Each month, the club keeps a portion of the funds raised.  The person drawn at that event receives a portion of the revenue for that event PLUS selects a card.  If it is not the Ace of spaces, they don’t win anything else.  The card drawn is ‘removed’ from the deck so each month the number of cards decreases.  Eventually, someone draws the Ace of Spades and receives a portion of the accumulated pot. Winnipeg and Saskatoon Clubs use this.