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Ann Worth, Canada

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New York City

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Valerie Cote

Quebec City, Canada

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Washington DC

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Los Angeles, USA

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Victoria Club – Submission 2019

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Angus Wilkinson – Vancouver Club

I have been a member of SKAL Vancouver for 15 years and have enjoyed the camaraderie of Skaleagues on 4 continents and have attended the meetings or get-togethers at 20 clubs in 10 countries.  The hospitality of members of SKAL world-wide has to be experienced just as we have enjoyed the last 3 days in Quebec City.



Michael Van Grondelle – Saskatoon Club

I have been a SKAL member for 3 years and have enjoyed the camaraderie of our club, the activities we do, and the benefits it has given the Hotel & Restaurant Management Program I run through our local college. The trip to Quebec City however really made me aware of the benefits of being a SKAL member.  We had a fantastic trip and the opportunity to meet several tourism industry individuals. When I returned one of the first things I did was go to the SKAL International website and sign up to members of SKAL world-wide has to be experienced just as we have enjoyed the last 3 days in Quebec City.



Stewart Rubin – Montreal Club

At the 2014 NAASC conference, I was fortunate to meet President Philip Stamm, Holly Powers, and Mario Hache from the Boston Club watching the Montreal – Boston Hockey rivalry. We discussed the Boston Club and they mentioned that they will be having their June event at Fenway Park.  As we approached the date, Phil, in true Skål fashion, arranged a room for me and my son and Holly put me in touch with Carrie Campbell VP sales and service Fenway enterprises who is also a Skål member. Carrie arranged for tickets for me and my son on Wednesday and on Thursday we attended the SKAL event at Fenway.


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