Club Resources

Membership Events

Toronto hosts an evening by personally inviting 200 guests by email. They generated 12 new members at one event. The Club offers rewards to members of gift certificates $50 for 2 new members, $100 for 3 new members and $200 for 4 or more new members.

Toronto North hosted an event at a prestigious club and sent out 400 invitations. They had 150 attend and generated 10 new members.

Winnipeg hosted a membership drive over 4 months for members to win a trip to NASSC. Any member hosting a potential guest received 1 ballot. If the guest became a member, both the sponsor member and new member each received 10 ballots. The ballots were in two separate draws at the Christmas event. One sponsor member and one new member won flights and registration to NAASC.

Fund Raising

Barrel Of Wine Raffle

Everyone brings a bottle of wine and raffle tickets were sold for $5 to $10 to win all the wine. (We found inexpensive plastic ½ barrels at Home Depot garden products)

Heads or Tails

Everyone pays $2-5 per person at their table, everyone stands, people pick heads or tails by placing their hands on their heads or behind their backs, the leader flips a coin—losers sit, process of elimination, last 2 or 3 people still standing move to the front and flipping continues until a winner is determined and they get the prize, a nice bottle of wine, donated gift certificate or % of the cash etc.

Sargent At Arms

Fun fines for any reason, no name tag, arriving late, overheard ‘bragging’, not shaking ‘Silver Hand’, etc.